Swing Trading Checklist

Download The FREE SWING TRADING CHECKLIST and transform your trading habit to win most of your trades!

It's the exact Trading Checklist which I use for my own trading EVERYDAY...

Tell me your name and your best email where I can send you this unique and very effective Swing Trading Checklist with a manual guide.

The trading checklist will improve your trading Habit and trading Discipline mainly in two ways.

First, it will confirm if you have identified and checked all the necessary parameters before entering a trade. This will help you to be disciplined on your trading plan and eliminate any overlooked trading mistakes that could have cause you an unwanted loss.

And secondly, the Trade Checklist will act as a trading journal for every trade you placed in the market. If you use the checklist in a regular basis, you can recheck any previous trade setups and learn important lessons from all of your losing and winning trades.

So, print-out a 100 copies of the trade checklist template, keep it next to your trading desk, and use the checklist every time you identify a trade setup and want to make a trade entry.

This will surely improve your trading habit and lift up your trading skills.

- Syed Rahman

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