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Over the past 8 years, Syed taught price action based trading methods to more than 15000 traders all over the world. 

He is an active author, adviser, educator on capital investment. 

He is the mentor of many renowned professional Forex, Stocks and other investment traders who makes millions of dollars in every single month through Syed's trading guideline.

Syed started his trading journey with trading Forex when he was in school, and later after many trials and errors he developed some price action based trading strategies which is responsible for many unsuccessful traders to turn themselves from a losing trader to make consistent profit from the market.  

He is considered to be the authority of Swing Trading Strategy and a master of the candlestick patterns, most of which he teaches to his students through Live Seminars, his online trading school, and online mentor-ship program.

As a speaker, he attended multiple seminars and training programs for various organizations and trading schools worldwide. 

Syed Rahman



How Can I Help You?

For the last 8 years I have helped many Forex, Stocks and other investment traders all over the world to overcome from a consistent losing trader to becoming a successful profitable  trader by learning the beauty of price action charts. 

I was barely making any profit for the first 2 years of my trading... but now even my students make millions in Forex and Stock market. 

Want to learn the way I trade? 

Join in my coaching programs to discover what simple but effective trading method you can have to make a wealthy living - by learning the price actions to trade the market like a PROFESSIONAL!

Master the Strongest and Profitable Reversal Candlestick Patterns

Strongest Reversal Candlestick Patterns

An essential course for every price action trader

Master the world's most traded and strongest reversal candlestick patterns to make consistent profit from the market.

A price action trader does not need 100 candlestick patterns to make consistent profit. They just need a few... a few candlestick patterns that really worthy to master to identify the most profitable trade entry positions in a price action chart.  

Advanced Swing Trading Strategy

ADVANCED Swing Trading Strategy

Most Famous & Profitable - Price Action Based Trading Strategy

Master the world's most famous and effective price action based trading strategy - The Advanced Swing trading Strategy. 

Without any doubt - Swing Trading is the only trading strategy that allows traders to gain maximum profit and minimize the losses by trading at the direction of the trend. 

This single trading strategy is more than enough to become a consistent winning trader. 

Complete Advanced Swing trading Strategy

COMPLETE - Advanced Swing Trading Strategy

A mix of the reversal candlestick patterns and the advanced swing trading strategy.

A price action trader can't trade the market without understanding the reversal candlestick patterns - and a swing trader can't trade the market if he/she can't identify the reversal candles in order to pin point the exact trading point of a swing on a trend. 

To be a successful price action trader, a trader must know how to read the charts with the candles, and a strategy that allows them when and why to enter in trade - and the exact price level to get out from the trade with maximum profit. 

COMPLETE - Advanced Swing Trading Strategy is the package of the knowledge that provides this all. 

EXCLUSIVE - One on One Course

One-On-One Consultation & Coaching

If you are interested in one on one consulting or coaching from SYED RAHMAN, then his fees for the events are below -

Consultation - (Pick his brain and expertise) starts from $2,000 per hour. Phone or Video Call. 

Candlestick Coaching Program - (Only you and Syed on video conference) starts from $5,000 for 3 hours of coaching online. Includes direct coaching, case study explain, direct questions and answers.

ADVANCED Swing Trading Strategy Coaching Program - (Only you and Syed on video conference) starts from $10,000 for 6 hours of coaching online. Includes direct coaching, case study explain, direct questions and answers.

Currency Pair Correlation Analysis Coaching Program - (Only you and Syed on video conference) starts from $4,000 for 2 hours of coaching online. Includes direct coaching, case study explain, direct questions and answers.

Train Your Team - (You or your team with Syed on video conference) fees varies depending on persons and time duration. Contact for more details. 

BS : Send an email to book your preferred consultation or coaching program. You will be instructed for the next step to meet Syed Rahman. 

Thousands of happy students from different parts of the world!

Robert Mayrand Student in "Advanced Swing Trading Strategy" Course.

Robert Mayrand

I felt that the instructor was experienced not only as a trader but as a teacher as well. His explanations were cleans and straight to the point. His instruction method at a very high caliber.

Arne Gockeln Student in "Advanced Swing Trading Strategy" Course

Arne Gockeln

Good explanation! Useful information about Swing Trading, Fibonacci and how it is calculated. Thanks! :)

Jenny Gay Dimafiles Student in - Reversal Candles & Advanced Swing Trading Course

Jenny Gay Dimafiles

I love the details explained in the courses. It's so beginner-friendly.

Chee Wei Wong Student in "Strongest Reversal Candlestick Patterns" course

Chee Wei Wong

I'm mostly a stock trader. However, it is enlightening that the candlesticks can tell a lot if one can decipher it. Which it what this course teaches. I enjoyed the course though as it puts me at a new perspective when doing technical analysis.

Gian Carlo Sicat Student in "Advanced Swing Trading Strategy" course

Gian Carlo Sicat

The lecture was great and helpful! I'm 75% complete and felt that it deserves a better appreciation.

Ashik Ron Student in "Advanced Swing Trading Strategy" course

Ashik Ron

Fantastic course! Nice example of professionalism. Easy to understand the teaching method. Even though I have been trading for nearly 7 years, I learned so many new things first time which surely will help me a lot.

Elkin Arriero Student in "Strongest reversal Candlestick Patterns" course

Elkin Arriero

Great course for those of us that are new to technical analysis. Very helpful.

Neill van Tonder Student in "Strongest Reversal Candlestick Patterns" course

Neill van Tonder

Great course! Learned a lot about the reversal candles. It will help me much on trading.

Hameed ullah Student in "Advanced Swing Trading Strategy" course

Hameed ullah

I have about 6 years of trading experience. I think if a person buy a course even with high experience he can still manage to get at least 1% of knowledge from this. The teacher is very good to let the students understand better from the depth.

Brad Swiger Student in "Strongest Reversal Candlestick Patterns" course

Brad Swiger

Very simple explanations that allow for easy applications in trading!

Malik Tukur Student in "Advanced Advanced Swing Trading Strategy" course

Malik Tukur

This is an excellent course. It surprisingly exceeded my expectations. I will not hesitate to recommend it to experienced and aspiring traders. Thank you Syed.

Marc Koloma Student in "Strongest Reversal Candlestick Patterns" Course

Marc Koloma

I learned alot! Very comprehensive, easy to understand, and actionable!

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