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Best Books to help you learn investment trading 

I was in high school when I started my trading journey with Forex trading.

For the first 1.5 years I barely known anything about the different trading markets and the essentials to analyze the market price movement. I only learned the basics of opening and closing a trade with some of the very basic stuffs. I did not know anything much about the technical or the fundamental analysis.

And as you can guess, I blown up my entire investment balance for several times before realizing that I need to learn how the market works and all the necessary trading methods and strategies in technical and fundamental analysis to become a profitable trader.

So, instead of giving up on trading which most of the newbie traders do, I started collecting books on different trading methods and strategies on technical and fundamental analysis.

I have spent literally hundreds of hours with the books and with the computer, researching the common price action patterns and the reversal points in the chart until I started to understand the key principles of why and when a market moves... and slowly started to get consistent profit by the time I developed my own trading strategies with the knowledge I get from those books! 

Since then I never stopped reading books on different trading markets and the methodology of successful trading written by the experts. That continuous learning behavior changed my way of looking at the chart price actions and the fundamental indicators to stop being a consistent loser in the financial markets. 

Books have been a very good resource of knowledge for me to becoming a trader where I am today. Whenever someone ask me how they should improve their trading skills, I straightforwardly answer them to read good books on trading and doing practice the market price actions with the historical data that are available there.  

So, below I listed a few categories of books that I found useful for me and believe that it would also benefit to those who wants to know how the financial trading market works and improve their trading skills to make a wealthy living for them. 

Beginners Trading School - Books To Learn Investment Trading

If you don't know anything about the Financial market trading like Forex trading, Stock trading or the cryptocurrency trading but want to learn all the necessary information about these markets and would like to start your trading journey to make a better living, then below is the categories of books on different trading markets which can help you to begin your journey in the financial trading market. 

Each of the category contains a very short list of the best books, so that you don't get confuse choosing the right book for you to get started with. Just chose any of the book from the list that fits your demand and start discovering the new opportunity to build a wealthy career in the financial markets.

Intermediate To Advanced - BEST Books For Price Action Trading

If you are already a trader in any of the financial market and want to improve your trading skills by learning the technical analysis, fundamental analysis or get trading ideas and strategies from the experts on that field, then you can choose any of the category listed below to start with.

I shortlisted only a few books that I personally liked reading and think it would be beneficial for someone who wants to improve their trading skills by learning new tools and techniques to increase their consistency on trade winning. Chose any of the category from listed below, about which you feel you need to make improve on to sharpen your trading knowledge. 

I hope the lists of the books will help you greatly understanding each related topics and be a better trader. 

I wish you all the best.