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revcan trend entry indicator - attached on 4 charts - thesyedrahman

The frustration of missing out profitable trade entries

Is this ever happen to you that you opened your trading terminal, noticed that significant market moves have taken place while you were away, and wished you had been there to take advantage of them? 

Maybe its a good candlestick, or chart pattern at a key market structure which you know very well and comfortable to trade at. 

You know you would have executed trades at that point if you were present in front of the chart.

I don't know about you but I feel really unhappy when I miss a chance to enter at a good price action setup because I wasn't watching the charts,

For example, I personally get very upset when I miss an opportunity to trigger trades after a strong bullish candlestick pattern appeared at the higher low in an uptrend,

As I know I could have make some good profit from that missed trade.  

The thing is,

There are so many candles in various chart timeframes in each trading instrument that it becomes extremely difficult to keep eyes on the charts for the exact moment to enter for the trade.

For example, in a trading day on EURUSD, there are 96 candles in a 15 minute chart, or 48 candles in a 30 minute chart, and son on in other chart timeframes for EURUSD only.

Its just a matter of one or two candles to get or miss a winning trade entry opportunity from thousands of candles.

And it can be really tough to keep an eye on all the different chart timeframes and instruments, especially when there are so many candles and opportunities to consider.

So now, the question is

What steps can we take to avoid missing out on good trade entry opportunities?

Is there a way to stay on top of all the different chart timeframes and instruments? and ensure that we don't miss out on good trade entry opportunities in the future?

Well... there is now

RevCan Trend Entry Indicator - Attached to the chart - TheSyedRahman

We created an auto trade suggestion indicator, which if you attach to a chart it then immediately shows previous buy and sell trade entry opportunities found by this indicator 

And starts to scan and analyze future price movements in that chart and sends notifications whenever there is a considerable market movement and potential trade entry opportunity appears in the chart

I will briefly talk about the main features of this Indicator that helps to find automatic trade entry points

However, if you like you can also watch the video I created some time ago about why I use this indicator, and how I use this indicator to find reliable trade entry points. 

The making and use of the RevCan Trend Entry Indicator

To overcome the unpleasant missing out trade entry situations,

We have developed a trend following trade signal Indicator for MT4 and MT5 which is basically a trend following – automatic - Buy and Sell trade suggestion indicator for the charts in the meta trader platform.

Meta trader 4 and Meta trader 5 (MT4/MT5) are trading software's mostly used by Forex and CFD traders, and RevCan indicator signals can be used in both of the MT4 and MT5 platforms to trade Forex and other CFDs.

So, basically what this RevCan indicator does is,

This indicator analyzes various chart data all by itself at the chart backend using predefined trend following algorithms, 

Then whenever it finds any candle, price and chart pattern that indicates potential upward momentum, it then paints blue color upward arrow below the running candle indicating buy trade entries;

And if it finds any potential sell trade setup, it paints red color downward arrows at the top of the running candle, suggesting to make sell trade entries. 

revcan trend entry indicator -up and down arrow - thesyedrahman

Trade Alerts on PC and on Mobile

Other than painting (or displaying) up and down arrows on the chart, RevCan Indicator also sends instant pop-up sound alert on the meta trader (MT4 or MT5) screen, 

And also the notification can be received on the connected mobile device if you have MT4/MT5 app installed on your phone.

revcan trend entry indicator - alerts on PC and mobile - thesyedrahman

RevCan is a non-repainting indicator

Which means, the arrows you see here are permanent, and will not disappear and reappear every time the price or any of the data changes. And its a big thing to consider.

This is what you want from a trade suggestion indicator like this. 

The non-repainting feature of RevCan indicator allows to accurately back-test the historical trade suggestions by this indicator in order to successfully implement the future trade suggestions.

Mostly Trend Based Trade Signals

Now, what I mostly like about this RevCan indicator is that,

It’s not a candle-based or lagging indicator based, rather its a trend-based trade alert indicator,

Which means it sends buy trade signals mostly in an uptrend market,

And gives sell trade signals mostly in a downtrend market;

RevCan Trend Entry Indicator - Alerts on uptrend and downtrend - TheSyedRahman

And, since I am a swing trader who mostly trade the swings of a trend towards the ongoing market momentum,

I like to make buy or long trades only in an uptrend market, and make sell or short trades only in a down trend market.

I strictly try not to make buy trades in a down trend market, and sell trades in an uptrend market, because, in my experience, trading against the general trend direction causes more losing trades.   

So, in short, buying in an uptrend market and selling in a down trend market creates more chances to maximize the number of winning trades than the losing ones.

And thankfully, RevCan Indicator provides trade suggestions according to the general trend of the market,

and the trade suggestions by this indicator are more accurate when there is a trend is going on in the chart, whether it’s a downtrend market or an uptrend market in almost any of the charts.

The Accuracy of RevCan Indicator Trade Entry Suggestions

Now, remember - that this indicator is not 100% accurate as it also gives false trade signals, especially, when the market is ranging, or there are choppy price actions on the chart.

Avoid following a trade signal by this indicator, if there is any sideway momentum or market indecision is going on.

Nothing or no trading strategy works in a sideway market when there is no clear market trend can be seen on the chart.

This indicator works great when there is a trend, whether an uptrend or down trend.

revcan trend entry indicator - buy alerts on uptrend - thesyedrahman
revcan trend entry indicator -sell alerts on down trend - thesyedrahman

So, if the market is trending up or down, and the RevCan Indicator sends trade alert at the direction of the trend then you can consider opening trade entries at the signaled direction. 

Just remember that nothing or no one can predict the market direction with 100% of certainty, but RevCan indicator can really help to find potentially winning trade entries which you can follow according to your own judgement. 

How I use the RevCan Indicator for my trading

I use RevCan indicator along with manual chart analysis, to get some extra help when I am not around looking at the charts and miss a potential trade entry opportunity. 

If you follow the RevCan trade alerts with your own chart analysis knowledge & experience, and maintain some basic trading rules, 

For example, not buying at a resistance or not selling at a support level, and not trading at a sideway or choppy ranging market, you can easily filter the bad trade signals from the good ones, and make some good of winning trade entries with little to no extra work.

Which is what I do.

So, whenever I get any trade alert/suggestion notification from this indicator, whether its on my phone or PC,

I just open that signaled chart, look at the candle and chart patterns, have a quick chart analysis of my own to decide the accuracy of the trade signal, and if everything looks fine to me, like buy trade signal at the higher low of an uptrend, then I pull the trigger;

And if not, for example if price has already moved a lot at the upward direction without having any retracement, or the price is at the resistance level, then I just don’t take the following buy trade signal. Rather I avoid it.

It’s as simple as that.

So, that’s the basic concept of this indicator, which gives instant trade suggestions based on automatic chart analysis.

Where to Get the RevCan Trend Entry Indicator?

For a long period of time, the RevCan indicator was available to use for me and my team members only as we developed the indicator for our own use in trading, 

But recently we released the indicator for general traders who can benefit from this indicator to get easy trade entry opportunities.

The RevCan Indicator is available to use in Meta Trader 4 (MT4), and Meta Trader 5 (MT5) trading platforms in PC (signals can be received from the computers MT4/MT5 terminals to mobile phone).

You can get either the MT4 or MT5 version or both the MT4+MT5 versions of the RevCan indicator depending on what Meta Trader platforms you use for your trading. 

RevCan Trend Entry Indicator - mt4 mt5 - TheSyedRahman

Not only that, here it becomes more interesting, 


With any of the RevCan Indicator package,

A user will get complementary access to my Swing Trading MasterCourse which is a premium course bundle for aspiring traders who wants to learn a complete step-by-step profitable trading strategy.

The inclusion of the course with the package is to ensure that a user gets and builds the necessary trading knowledge and a strategy for not only to properly utilize the trade entry suggestions by RevCan Trend Entry Indicator, 

But also to make profit making trading judgment when doing manual chart analysis. 

This is a real treat. 

Click the link below to learn more, or to get the RevCan Trend Entry Indicator with complimentary bonuses,  

Get RevCan indicator here:


So, in summary, RevCan Trend Entry Indicator is an automatic buy and sell trade entry detection tool for the Meta trader terminals.

I believe, RevCan indicator is one of the best Forex signal indicator for MT4 and MT5 terminals, that helps traders to trade Forex currency pairs and other securities more easy and efficiently, 

As it saves a lot of my chart screening time, since I don’t anymore have to spend so much of my time, on manually looking and analyzing the charts, to wait and get into the exact moment of a trade entry setup.

revcan indicator in multiple charts

I use RevCan indicator in more than 20 charts from different timeframes in multiple trading terminals,

This allows me to monitor more charts at the same time without manually looking at the charts all the time, as this indicator monitors the charts for me, and notifies me whenever any breakout or potential winning trade setup occurs on the charts.

And I hope this indicator can also help you - when analyzing the charts and finding you potentially winning trades for your own.

So, that is all for today.

Let me know your thought or experience with this indicator, or if you have any question to ask.

I will be glad to hear from you.

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