Don't have a PROFITABLE trading strategy yet?


Learn the world's most traded, strongest and profitable

"Reversal candlestick Patterns"

with the World's most famous and highly profitable price action based trading strategy - The

"Advanced Swing Trading Strategy" 

to Make Consistent Profit and sustain in the market for a lifetime


Do you have any of the
Problems listed below?

  • 1
    DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT the Price Actions Of the Charts ?
    You are a trader who have a very little or no knowledge of the price actions or price action charts. You just trade the market by watching the price movements without understanding what is happening there. And so, most of your trades hit the stop loss!!
  • 2
    DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT the Reversal candlestick patterns?
    You are a trader who have a very little or no knowledge of the candlestick or Reversal Candlestick patterns. You have no idea about the candlestick formation on a price action chart. You just trade based on your gut feeling!  And so, most of your trades hit the stop loss!!
  • 3
    You have knowledge about the reversal candlestick patterns. Like the shape and size of most of the strongest reversal candlestick patterns but not sure how to trade them. Hence you are not making consistent profit with the reversal candles!!
  • 4
    HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE Demand & Supply Zones or the swing points Are ?
    You are a trader who trade the market by watching the price action charts, but don't know anything about the demand and supply zones or the SWING POINTS where price tend to change its direction. You just trade based on your gut feeling! And so, most of your trades hit the stop loss!!
  • 5
    Don't know how to analyze the price action charts as a technical analyst ?
    You trade the market as a technical trader by looking the candlestick charts, but still can't understand how to analyze the charts in the right way to minimize the losing trades. So, you always end up trading at the wrong direction of the market!!
  • 6
    don't have a proven & profitable trading strategy to follow ?
    You know some candlesticks and price action patterns, but you don't have a specific trading strategy to implement these knowledge's together to book maximum profit from the trades you make. You just trade like blind folded without understanding the market sentiment and proper trading method. And so you face losses because of not having a proper full-proof trading method that let you make consistent profit.
  • 7
    don't know anything about swing trading ?
    You know that there's a lot of trading strategy out there from which swing trading is the best to make consistent profit with. but you never tried to learn this great trading strategy. you always avoided to trade the trends because of the lack of knowledge on trend trading. Hence you always miss the greatest opportunities to make money from the mightiest swings of the trends. 
  • 8
    Have known about swing trading - still can't identify the profitable swing points to make profitable trades ?
    You know about SWING TRADING, you see the trends all over the charts in every single time frames of different trading instruments, but you don't know how to trade these trends properly. You trade the swings of the trends but never get consistent profit because you don't know how to look for a profitable trade entry and exit point to book maximum profit with minimum risks. WHICH IS WHY your stop losses gets hit though you traded the swings of the trends!
  • 9
    don't know the different trading method for the valid and invalid swing points ?
    You trade the trends, still can't identify the valid and invalid swing points of the trends which is very very important for a swing/trend trader, since both the valid and invalid swing points have different strategies to make profitable trades. Hence can't make consistent profit from the trends for some silly mistakes!
  • 10
    overall- no matter what you do... you end up loosing on most of your trades ?
    No matter what you do to make successful trades to make profit, you just end up hitting the stop loss in most of your trades. Which is why you are in deep frustration and thinking about to leave trading. 

Did you raised your hand in any (or all) of the above? If so, then it's time to get rid of these Pain-Points

CONGRATS! You are in the right place!


The truth is, most of the traders out there can't get consistent profit with their trading because of the lack of the knowledge on the backbone of technical analysis -
 The Reversal Candlestick Patterns. 

 and of-course the lack of having a
profitable trading strategy.

Those traders trade here and there without following any specific rule to trade the market. They just make trading decisions based on their emotions.

This wrong approach leads them to become a consistent LOOSING TRADER!


You can't just trade by watching the price movements without understanding the market sentiment and hope that you will going to get jackpot in no time!

The truth is... If you trade in every single candlestick patterns in every market situation based on some trading indicators and your emotion, and not follow a reliable trading strategy... 

Then you are already DEAD in the long run.


Indicators? EA or Trading Robots?

forget these all !

I have seen many traders who spent most of their times searching for high priced Indicators, EA/Trading Robot, Special Tools and software's, etc.

They spend thousands of dollars for those worthless materials but not want to spend time to research and study the price action charts - to be able to read the market sentiment, to be able to understand what is happening at the back-end of that price movements. 

If a trader spend all of his/her time to learn and improve their trading skills on candlestick patterns, price action patterns, different trading methods and strategies.... 

.......then sooner or later he/she will become an expert on trading and will no longer need those useless trading materials, and will be able to make consistent winning trades for the rest of their life with the beauty of price action charts! 

A trader does not need Hundreds of indicators, EA's, trading tools, etc...A trader only need to master the beauty of price action charts.

A trader just need to have deep understanding of price action movements with the reversal candlestick patterns and a Highly profitable Trading Strategy - which will allow the trader to make appropriate trading decision by analyzing the market sentiment with price action chart.


................ With that saying

 I want to introduce you to my and many professional traders secret weapons -

An exclusive course on the world's one of the mostly traded and highly profitable price action based trading strategy with the world's most profitable reversal candlestick patterns, named ... 

Complete Advanced Swing Trading Strategy

''Master the world's most traded, profitable and reliable trading strategy with the world's strongest and highly profitable reversal candlestick patterns to make consistent profit in Forex, Stocks, Futures, Commodities, Crypto currencies and other investment market trading''

Discover the Trading Strategy I taught to over 15000 traders all over different parts of the world!

This is the course that will dramatically make you able to see lots and lots of profitable trading opportunities in your price action chart.

What the existing students are saying...

I felt that the instructor was experienced not only as a trader but as a teacher as well. His explanations were cleans and straight to the point. His instruction method at a very high caliber.

Robert Mayrand  //

Good explanation! Useful information about Swing Trading, Fibonacci and how it is calculated. 

Arne Gockeln  //

I have about 6 years of trading experience. I think if a person buy a course even with high experience he can still manage to get at least 1% of knowledge from this. The teacher is very good to let the students understand better from the depth.

Hameed Ullah  //

Let me take you back to what my trading business were like BEFORE I discovered
The Advanced Swing Trading Strategy. 

I was very excited by the time I introduced to the Forex market. I was trading like a crazy guy. 

I traded in almost every candles in almost every candlesticks in every market situation without understanding what is happening there behind the scenes. 

I did not bother to learn the market sentiment the candles were showing...

I did not bother to understand the price action patterns...

I did not have any Trading Strategy to follow....

I just traded like I wanted to be rich overnight without learning much on each of the price actions - either its a reversal or continuation candle on a chart, or a specific price action pattern. It seemed a pain to me to learn things that work.......

I wanted to make money... but did not wanted to spend time on learning the charts!!

.............With that, I was having about 9 loss trades out of 10! and was pretty frustrated and wondering on what I am doing wrong...

 How the other experts are consistently having huge success!

So, with that curiosity, I started to experimenting with the candlestick patterns, specific price action patterns, and other technical chart analysis methods.

I noticed some of the major facts on that research, which are ...


  • Every candlestick in a chart is not equally important, 
  • Every reversal candlestick pattern can not be traded, 
  • Not every swing point or Support/Resistance levels are the ACTUAL trading points,
  • The Valid and Invalid swing points act differently than each other,
  • Price action patterns are not forming in regular intervals,
  • Trends are the only thing that are regularly forming and running in almost every trading instrument,
  • Trends can be found in any of the major time-frames of a price action chart which indicates the availability of that thing,
  • Trends gives the highest possibility to make profit by trading at the trends direction,

Also I discovered that a trend can last for a long time and if trades can be made in every swing point at the direction of that trend by analyzing the DEMAND & SUPPLY zones with the Reversal Candlestick Patterns and some other extra tools, then that single trend can GIFT highest amount of profit other than any of the price action pattern, candlestick or indicator based trading strategy.

So I changed my strategy and way of thinking. Experimented with different  reversal candlestick patterns with hundreds if not thousand different types of trends in almost all the charts of various timeframes available there.


And what happened?

I started to see 100's of profitable trading signals all over my charts

Profitable Trading SIgnal

My winning trades increased more than 70% in one jump after being a consistent losing trader for over 1.5 years in a row!

Increased Profit

And all of this helped me "10x"(!) my profit and 10+% of consistent investment return in every single month! 

Consistent Winning Trades

Today, 6.5 years after implementing my proven Reversal Candlestick Patterns + My very own Advanced Swing Trading Strategy - I am having no less than 15% of safe return on my capital investment with more than 70% of winning trades in every month!

Unheard off.

So... if Reversal Candlesticks with Advanced Swing Trading Strategy are so great then why isn't everyone seeing game changing-result?

I asked myself the same question too. But the reason is because...

Most people are trading the Reversal Candles and Swing Trading Strategy in the wrong way!

While the professional expert traders are already making millions in proper Swing trading.... 

If you google on swing trading, then you will find thousands of articles and posts referring Swing Trading as the SAFEST and most PROFITABLE trading methods compared to every other trading strategies out there....

Both the Reversal Candles and Swing Trading is the mostly underrated trading strategy by the beginner and struggling traders, since most of them think that the reversal candles are not very important to learn and Swing Trading is only profitable for the Big Money Boys and financial institutions.

Most of them think that Swing Trading involves larger investments and higher patience to see price hitting the Take Profit level.

They avoid Swing Trading and search for Scalping or Day trading strategies to make a few pips. While they scared to wait for to take profit for hundreds and thousands of pips in every trades made with Swing Trading

They think they don't have much investment and patience to trade the Swing of Trends!!

Here's the deal: If a day trader make 500 pips in a month from 50 to 60 trades having lots and lots of stress by sitting in-front of the trading desk for the whole day, 

...that trader can earn more than 1500 pips in less than 10 trades by simply trading the swings of trends by following the Swing Trading Strategy, and enjoy the free time!!


"Reversal candles signals the reversal of price direction - but they doesn't necessarily form in every reversal point. Which means, you have to understand the market sentiment of that reversal candle to pin point the reversal point.

Swing Trading needs patience - but that does not necessarily mean you have to wait years to see profit. You can close your trades with maximum profit even after 2 to 3 days of entering the trade if you trade lower time-frames like 4-hour or 1-hourly charts. 

A trader does not necessarily need huge capital to invest for Swing Trading, If you follow the Advanced Swing Trading Strategy with the highly profitable reversal candlestick patterns, then you can enter at the very beginning of price reversal point, for which the Stop Loss become very small relative to the potential profit target.

Once you learn the exact strategy of trading the Swings of the Trends in the right way by analyzing the market sentiment - Then you are going to be UNSTOPPABLE making Consistent Profit"

Once you start using the trading method I teach in "Advanced Swing Trading Strategy" course, it will completely transform your trading habit ... and your life!

You will understand why market moves in a specific direction. Can filter the invalid trade positions. Will see quality trade signals. Identify the most profitable trading points of the chart.

 Which will give you opportunity and ability to make maximum profit from every single trade you trigger in the market. 

"Swing Trading lets you enjoy your time with your friends and family while also it gives you financial freedom"

Some of the Students review screenshots directly from the academy


Traders from different parts of the world are realizing why "COMPLETE Advanced Swing Trading Strategy" is so great to make consistent profit from the investment markets... 

No matter if you are a Forex, stock, crypto-currency or any other kind of investment trader...

 if you trade by doing technical chart analysis, then "COMPLETE Advanced Swing Trading Strategy" is the course that will show you how you can increase your profitability in the Investment markets.

What's included, you ask?

Let's take a look what you will learn in each of the 5 major modules

Important Price Action Basics

Important Price Action Basics - Especially Designed for Swing Trading

In this module you will learn all the important price action basics that you will need to understand the Swing Trading clearly and efficiently, which includes some stuffs like Understanding Demand & Supply, Support & Resistances with Demand Supply theory, Identification of Valid and Invalid Tops and Bottoms, identification of Swings on the trend, Profitable reversal candlestick patterns.... and many more.

Highly Profitable Reversal Candlestick Patterns

Mastery coaching on the highly profitable reversal candlestick patterns to catch the reversal points

In this module of lectures, you will learn the real trading method of the world's most traded and highly profitable reversal candlestick patterns. Which includes the formation of the selected reversal candlestick patterns, reading the market sentiment with the candles, the profitable trading method, filtering the invalid trade positions, distinguishing when a reversal candlestick pattern act as the continuation pattern in a price action chart.

Basic Rule Of Swing Trading Strategy

In this module of lectures, you will learn the basic core principle of Swing Trading Strategy. This module will let you know the three main steps that a Swing Trader need to master in order to identify and make trading decision in a trend, either its an uptrend or down trend in a price action chart.

Advanced Methods of Swing Trading Strategy

Advanced Swing Trading Strategy

In this module of lectures, you will learn the Advanced methods to find out a trend and make trading decision, based on Swing Trading Strategy with the help of some special indicators and trade entry exit tools to get an extra level of confirmation to make profitable trades in any trading market.

Advanced Swing Trading Strategy for Invalid Swing Points

Advanced Swing Trading Strategy for Invalid Swing Points

In this module of lectures, you will learn how to trade the invalid or complex looking swing points to make successful trade entries. A trend generally forms with the mix of valid and invalid swing points, and thus both the valid and invalid swing point requires different trading strategy to make profitable trades.

Multi Time Frame Selection and Analysis

Time-frame Selection for Swing Trading

In this module, you will learn what are the best time frames for the charts to look out for Swing Trade setups, in order to get best result of the Advanced Swing Trading Strategy.

Want Bonuses? you got it

Enrolling in the "Advanced Swing Trading Strategy" course will not only give you access to all the video lectures, article scripts, and workbook, but you will also get the bonuses, for free. Including...

Exclusive Private Facebook Group

You will have the access to our very own Facebook groups dedicated for the students of "Reversal Candlestick Mastery" course and "Advanced Swing Trading Strategy" course. The groups can help you to discuss about the course lectures and live market charts with the other serious students of the courses. 

Lifetime Access and Free updates

I regularly update the course contents whenever I feel that I can improve some or any part of the course. I increase the course lectures and contents in a regular interval. You will be notified by email for free ewhenever I update the course contents.  Plus, you will have lifetime access to the course.

You got two choices here...

You could keep trying figure all of this out by your own, which often takes even the most hard working and intelligent traders years to do.


You can steal my strategies and get massive success in trading in a matter of weeks.

Think about where you want to be six months from now... or even one month from now

Do you have a proven plan to go there?

You can use the step by step process I teach in

"COMPLETE Advanced Swing Trading Strategy" course to achieve success in trading the investment market like an expert trader and make consistent profit.

How Can I Help You?

For the last 8 years I have helped many Forex, Stocks and other investment traders all over the world to overcome from a consistent losing trader to becoming a successful profitable  trader by learning the beauty of price action charts. 

I was barely making any profit for the first 2 years of my trading... but now even my students make millions in Forex and Stock market. 

Want to learn the way I trade?


Join in my coaching program to discover what simple but effective trading method you can have to make a wealthy living - by learning the price actions to trade the market like a PROFESSIONAL!


Is This Course Right For You?

Technically this course is for anyone who can purchase, but every trader might not need this course. Have a look if you need the course or not.

Who is this course for

  • check-circle-o
    Beginner or Advanced Forex, Stocks, Futures, Commodities, Crypto-currency or any other investment traders. 
  • check-circle-o
    Traders who want's to read the market sentiment and pin-point the exact reversal point with the highly profitable reversal candlestick patterns.
  • check-circle-o
    Traders who want's to read the market sentiment or more specifically the trends like a book.
  • check-circle-o
    Traders who wants to strengthen their trading skills with the world's most profitable and reliable price action based trading strategy.
  • check-circle-o
    Traders who wants to improve their skills on technical analysis 
  • check-circle-o
    Traders who wants to minimize the wrong trading decision with the candlestick patterns.
  • check-circle-o
    Traders who want to maximize the profit and minimize the risk by learning the beauty of trends with Advanced Swing Trading Strategy.

Who is this course not for

  • times-circle-o
    "Get Rich Quick" traders. Trading is a business and is not a get rich quick scheme. You have to develop the trading habit I teach in the course.
  • times-circle-o
    Traders who already making consistent profit with their proven trading strategy. No need to fix things that is not broken.
  • times-circle-o
    Traders who already know how to read and trade the swings of the trends.
  • times-circle-o
    Traders who don't want to make consistent profit.
  • times-circle-o
    Traders who don't want to learn the easiest and profitable method to make profit by analyzing and trading the price action chart with Swing Trading.
  • times-circle-o
    Traders who does not like technical chart analysis trading method and just trade based on their gut feelings and don't care if they lose all of their investment capital. 


"COMPLETE Advanced Swing Trading Strategy" is the strategy and one of my best weapon that I and many professional traders use to make successful trade entries, which I teach my students.

I can confidently say you will love this course by the time you see the profitable use and effectiveness of the "COMPLETE Advanced Swing Trading Strategy" on your trading.

But if somehow, you feel that this course was not for you or you do not like the contents that I teach (which happens rarely), then I will gladly refund your full money back within 30 days without asking any question. (Sounds fair; right?)


"Investment in education pays the best return as interest"

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