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Swing Trading Checklist

Swing Trading Checklist

syed's very own swing trading checklist with step by step checklist manual guide

Download the exact Swing Trading Checklist that Syed use in his own trading right before every trade he makes in Forex and Stocks.

The Swing Trading Checklist will transform you tading habit by notifying that if you have correctly identified all the necessary trade entry and exit parameters to make successful swing trade decisions.

This one page Swing Trading Checklist will come with a pdf file explaining the steps of this checklist and how to properly use the checklist with examples to get better result.

Profitable Pin Bar trading Strategy

a 7-Page step by step guide on Pin Bar Trading Strategy

Pin bar candlestick pattern is one of the most powerful reversal candlestick pattern that gives market reversal signals when appears at the swing points on a chart.

One who can read and understand the market sentiment through pin bar candlestick pattern can get very high quality trading signal. Identifying different shape and size of the pin bar along with the trading zone is necessary to make winning trade entry.

This seven page pdf template will show you how to detect a pin bar pattern, the strength analysis of the pin bar depending on its shape and size, and the strategy to trade the pin bar candlestick pattern to make profitable trades in any market.

Multiple Timeframe Analysis – Ultimate Guide-Syed Rahman

Multiple timeframe analysis - ultimate guide

A must known chart analysis concept - ESSENTIAL to Achieve success in trading as a technical analyst 

Multi-timeframe chart analysis is a powerful technique used by successful technical traders to gain a deeper understanding of the market and increase their chances of success.

This approach involves looking at the same asset on different time frames, such as 1-minute, 5-minute, 1-hour, 4-hour, and daily charts.

By studying the same asset in different time frames, you can gain a better understanding of the overall trend and identify key support and resistance levels.

Additionally, you can use multiple timeframes to validate trading signals and determine entry and exit points for trades.  

3 Best Stop Loss Avoiding Strategies

3 Best Stop Loss Setup Strategies - Video Graphics

Top 3 step-by-step strategies to set effective stop loss

A stop loss is a risk management strategy that is used to limit potential losses in a trade. This graphical template will help understanding 3 best stop loss strategies.

It is especially important for traders who are using leverage, as a large loss could result in a margin call and the forced liquidation of their position.

Currency Pair Correlation Report

Template - currency pair correlation report

An essential Tool for every FOREX trader

Understanding and the proper of usage currency pair correlation is very important for a Forex trader in order to maintain proper money management and not multiplying the risk size in each of the trades.

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