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recommended Forex Indicator to scan the charts

One of the common questions I have been asked by my students and subscribers is - "which trade indicator I use in order to filter candles/patterns or scan the market price actions to get automatic trade alerts?"

So, recently I made a video on that topic to answer that question in details.

In the video below, I will be talking about an indicator which I and my team have been using for our everyday trading, where this indicator does all the chart analysis for us and send us instant/automatic notification whenever there is a BUY or SELL trade opportunity appears in the chart. 

In this video,  will talk about : 

- How This indicator works

- Why I use this indicator instead of doing manual chart analysis only

- Tips and best practices to win more trades when using this indicator

Hope this information will help you win more trades.

Click the play button below to learn about this indicator that finds me automatic buy sell trade entry points directly in the charts

Syed Rahman

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Syed Rahman

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