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Best Stop Loss Strategy

Best Stop Loss Strategy.

Trade Entry. Take Profit. Stop Loss.

These three are the 3 main actions we take in our everyday trading

And yet, I don’t see many people talking about the Stop loss.

People talk about the trade entry and exit strategies rules only but left out this important thing from the discussion.

But in reality, if you don’t know how to set the stop loss in the right way, then you won’t be able to make profitable trades on a consistent basis.

With that in mind, and to answer many of my students and followers’ questions,

I have created a detailed video where I shared 3 of the most simple yet very powerful stop loss setup strategies

That even a very beginner trader can understand and implement these strategies in their trading

And see more winning trades than immature stop-loss hit

Watch the video below to learn how to set effective stop loss in Forex, Stocks, or any other CFD’s.


I hope you will like the strategies I shared in this video

And it will benefit you in your trading career.


Let me know if you have anything to ask or say about the video


Wishing you all the very best

Syed Rahman


Links Mentioned in the video:

RevCan Trend Entry Indicator:

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Best Stop Loss Strategy

Best Stop Loss Strategy for Forex Trading

Best Stop Loss Strategy for Stock Trading

Best Stop Loss Strategy for Cryptocurrency Trading


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